Posted by: bellazon | May 24, 2009

Women gaining power and influence in the world

According to the latest polls of government-sanctioned NGOs, women have a larger and larger space in the power hierarchies if the world. We can all be part of this shift if we discover our own power.

While there are those who will disagree, I believe this is due to two crucial shifts in both our perceptions and our awareness.  First, as women choose (and it is a choice) to think of themselves as expressions of the Divine Feminine and Its gifts, they are naturally moved to step forward in new and perhaps deeper ways than in the past; second, on a largely unconscious level, society is beginning to recognize, although reluctantly in some circles, that we as a species have been out of balance for some time and that by creating space for the considerable gifts of the feminine to be brought to the global table we are choosing to move back into the balance that can bring true healing, resolution, and peace to a haggard planet.



  1. Women as Leaders, Women as Healers is an awesome site!

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