Posted by: bellazon | September 13, 2011

It’s not about matriarchy vs. patriarch; it’s not about “girls are better than boys”; it’s about balance, healing, and integration of the masculine and feminine

Recently someone who had learned about my upcoming event Women as Leaders, Women as Healers contacted me to ask why I was focused on bringing back the matriarchy.  “What?” I asked with great incredulity; “That’s not what I’m doing”.  “Then why do you refer to women as leaders?”  was her snappy comeback.  Attributing her misplaced concern to possible membership in some fundamentalist movement based on fear and paranoia, I moved on.

A couple of days later I had a call asking me why, if my event is about women, I have a man who will be co-leading a break-out class on relationships.  “Well,” I responded carefully to ensure understanding, “because men are part of our world, and women often have relationships with men, and this particular man will be speaking, along with his wife, about how couples can heal broken trust.  Does that answer your question?”  “Yeah,” was the slightly surly retort, “well, what about lesbian relationships?”  For God’s sake, broken trust is broken trust.  Thank you for calling and have a nice day.

I’m shaking my head here.  Are we really still stuck in this feminine vs. masculine perspective?  Are we really still looking for ways to blame someone for the state of things rather than to look, together, for avenues through which the issues that plague us, issues that will never be healed through political action or military force, can be healed, resolved once and for all?

The only way (my perspective here) true healing of anything that harms/wounds/kills and leaves anyone scared, hungry, and homeless can occur is through the authentic and enthusiastic integration of the masculine (which we need and we all carry) and the feminine (which we need and we all carry), both in the external world and within each of us.  The planet is desperately out of balance in the direction of the masculine (which, as stated above, we need and we carry) and it’s in balancing it effectively with the feminine (without apology I might add) that we can find the avenues for genuine healing that we are blind to when so out of balance.  The male brain, so I’m told, is wired for information and action.  The female brain for connection and relationship.  Focused solely on the info and action thing, men can often take action and think about it later.  That can result in action for action’s sake with no truly meaningful result.  Women, on the other hand, often learn to keep their “gifts” quiet and in the background, being wise, intuitive, compassionate, but without translating those gifts into meaningful action.

The key (again, my perspective) is the integration of both, an integration that can lead to what I think of as “inspired action”; action that has been inspired by wisdom, compassion, and intuitive and spiritual awareness.

And isn’t inspired action what can heal the planet and all of us, her inhabitants?




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