Posted by: bellazon | December 26, 2011

Holiday thoughts about practical magic

Recently I heard a very successful business coach accuse another very successful business coach of what she called “magical thinking”.  This accusation was made in a tone that I inferred as a dismissal of all things magical in favor of all things practical.  This began a line of thinking for me that seems most appropriate at this time of year shaped by all sorts of magical ideas.


Here’s what I mean – this is a time of year shaped largely by magical concepts.  A days’ worth of oil lasting, magically, long enough to keep the menorah lit in the temple for 8 days; a virgin birth bringing with it, magically, hope for the human race mired in its own darkness; and, on a lighter note, an older and out-of-shape gentleman with questionable fashion taste thoroughly committed to doing something generous and loving for children worldwide and to do it, magically, in one night.


Your sense of the validity behind these concepts aside, they have remained in place for many generations because we need the magical; we need something beyond ourselves, beyond the average, day-to-day experiences of life to give us a sense of greater meaning and larger purpose.  We need the practical as well, but we must not dismiss the realm of the magical.


Life is magical.  Look around you; notice the various expressions of the life force that fill your day.  Take a moment to notice, really notice and take in, the natural beauty that surrounds you, no matter where you are.  The very fact that we exist is magical, or mystical, or something that goes far beyond our ability to grasp.  Yet many learn early in life to dismiss anything that smacks of the impractical, and that dismissal is deadly.


It is the magic of your dream, your goal, which fuels your practical actions toward that dream.  And it is the practical action that puts legs on your dream and gives it shape and form.  Practicality devoid of the magical quickly becomes either lifeless and inflexible, or exhausting and unrewarding (or all of the above).  The magic of the dream without practical action to make it happen results in a dream that continues to feel out of reach and frustrating.


However, merging the magical and the practical allows us to ensure lives filled with passion, power, and possibility (not to mention profit).


We need the magical because it allows us to continue reaching for the greater and greater experience of all that is our birthright as expressions of the Divine.  We need the practical because that’s what makes things happen.  However, this is not an either/or proposition; we are called to merge the two in order to have lives of unlimited possibility.  Think about it – it is the removal of the idea of limitation that lets us take possession of everything that’s truly available to us.  That seems pretty magical. . . . . .


Make the choice to live the magic of your dreams while taking inspired actions to make those dreams a reality, and 2012 can be more powerful, passionate, profitable, and joyful than you have ever imagined.




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