Posted by: bellazon | October 16, 2014

Women, Purpose, and Passion

I’ve been thinking about something I’ve heard from women from several different countries and cultures, and something that I think speaks to a change that’s in the air. Women are feeling restless, as if they’re being called to something bigger, something more meaningful, something with a greater and deeper purpose. Is this a sign of the times, or simply part of the process in a woman’s life? Are we being drawn to an expanded vision (and version) of ourselves because the planet is in dire need of what the Feminine brings, or are we all (or many of us) in the throes of some kind of identity crisis?

What I find, in myself as well as in my women clients, is that there seems to be a bursting out of the shell going on, a sort of rebirth (or at the very least a period of the labor that precedes birth) that is spreading across the planet. I hear the same things from women in the US as those I work with in Europe, Asia, the UK. We are being called, tasked perhaps, with bringing the gifts we carry as females, the power we bring as the connectors, the relationship-builders, the leaders and healers; called, it seems, to present those healing elements in all the situations in which we find ourselves in order to re-establish (or perhaps establish for the first time) balance and harmony. It is, it seems, up to women to create a foundation of collaboration, cooperation, and compassion so that true and lasting peace and well-being can occur anywhere and everywhere.



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