Posted by: bellazon | August 24, 2011

The World Will Be Saved by the Western Woman

“The World Will Be Saved By the Western Woman”

                                                         The Dalai Lama

 Join me and several extraordinary speakers on October 15 and 16 in Denver, Colorado USA for Women as Leaders, Women as Healers: find your power, change the world , a life-changing 2-day event designed to remind you of who you REALLY are, the depth of your TRUE purpose, the financial success you REALLY deserve, and the power you carry as an Agent of Sacred Change in the world. Read More…

Posted by: bellazon | June 9, 2010

Feeling Small – Living a Small Life

I’ve had a couple of conversations lately that left me musing about how the way we think, the way we perceive, interpret, understand, and respond to whatever happens in our lives and our work determines the quality of the results we create.  The conversations were with a couple of women who are lovely, good-hearted, generous, and bright and whose results in their businesses and in their lives have remained small no matter how hard they’ve worked at it. Read More…

Posted by: bellazon | May 12, 2010

Words That Kill Dreams

I’ve  recently traveled to a new location to work in an intensive session with a new client – lovely woman, very bright, great business focus with an important, even noble purpose.  She’s signed up for one of my coaching programs for women entrepreneurs who want to take their businesses to the next level.  On the surface her commitment to growth seemed strong; however, as we began our work together I got very clear about where the barrier to her success lies. Read More…

Posted by: bellazon | April 12, 2010

The Joy of Joy

Recently, late at night,  I was driving back from an event which had taken a long time to prepare for and a lot of energy, time, and money to pull off.  It had gone well, lots of rave reviews, and now I was driving the 35 miles home facing the next event which would be even more demanding.  I felt myself sliding into the unattractive “victim of a relentless life” state of mind.  Mostly to ensure that I could stay awake during the drive, I stopped at a fast-food joint along the way to order something to drink, preferably something loaded with caffeine.  Not my usual way of doing things, but God I was tired.  Read More…

Posted by: bellazon | November 20, 2009

A Community of Women

I recently had an experience that reminded me in a soul-touching way of the power of a community of women.  I was struggling with a challenging situation involving the health  of one of my adult children, and it had begun to feel as if there were precious few places I could turn for support myself without burdening someone else with concerns that could be tough to get out from under. Read More…

Posted by: bellazon | September 24, 2009

Living, Loving, and Working from the Power of the Feminine

In my most recent posting we looked at what happens when a woman allows her own feminine energy and the gifts inherent in her to be overshelmed or diminished by the masculine energy that may be all around her.  Read More…

Posted by: bellazon | July 31, 2009

Bringing Balance to Life and Work

I recently spoke to a group of professional women who work in a markedly male dominated industry.  They had asked me to talk with them about how women can thrive and be successful in an environment that, in subtle and not so subtle ways, discounts and dismisses the natural inclinations of women. Read More…

Posted by: bellazon | May 28, 2009

Women as Natural Leaders and Healers

Through history women have served as sources of great wisdom for those in positions of power who recognized that profound wisdom and insight are natural gifts of the femimine. Read More…

Posted by: bellazon | May 26, 2009

Think Like the Big Dogs


Some of us are becoming the men we wanted to marry. Gloria Steinem

Women have often learned to think of themselves as “less than” when it comes to the opportunity to create the lives they want to live. Read More…

Posted by: bellazon | May 24, 2009

Women gaining power and influence in the world

According to the latest polls of government-sanctioned NGOs, women have a larger and larger space in the power hierarchies if the world. We can all be part of this shift if we discover our own power.

While there are those who will disagree, I believe this is due to two crucial shifts in both our perceptions and our awareness.  First, as women choose (and it is a choice) to think of themselves as expressions of the Divine Feminine and Its gifts, they are naturally moved to step forward in new and perhaps deeper ways than in the past; second, on a largely unconscious level, society is beginning to recognize, although reluctantly in some circles, that we as a species have been out of balance for some time and that by creating space for the considerable gifts of the feminine to be brought to the global table we are choosing to move back into the balance that can bring true healing, resolution, and peace to a haggard planet.

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