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Women, Purpose, and Passion

I’ve been thinking about something I’ve heard from women from several different countries and cultures, and something that I think speaks to a change that’s in the air. Women are feeling restless, as if they’re being called to something bigger, something more meaningful, something with a greater and deeper purpose. Is this a sign of the times, or simply part of the process in a woman’s life? Are we being drawn to an expanded vision (and version) of ourselves because the planet is in dire need of what the Feminine brings, or are we all (or many of us) in the throes of some kind of identity crisis?

What I find, in myself as well as in my women clients, is that there seems to be a bursting out of the shell going on, a sort of rebirth (or at the very least a period of the labor that precedes birth) that is spreading across the planet. I hear the same things from women in the US as those I work with in Europe, Asia, the UK. We are being called, tasked perhaps, with bringing the gifts we carry as females, the power we bring as the connectors, the relationship-builders, the leaders and healers; called, it seems, to present those healing elements in all the situations in which we find ourselves in order to re-establish (or perhaps establish for the first time) balance and harmony. It is, it seems, up to women to create a foundation of collaboration, cooperation, and compassion so that true and lasting peace and well-being can occur anywhere and everywhere.

Posted by: bellazon | December 26, 2011

Holiday thoughts about practical magic

Recently I heard a very successful business coach accuse another very successful business coach of what she called “magical thinking”.  This accusation was made in a tone that I inferred as a dismissal of all things magical in favor of all things practical.  This began a line of thinking for me that seems most appropriate at this time of year shaped by all sorts of magical ideas. Read More…

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As Good as it Gets. . . or is it?

As Good As It Gets – or is it?

 As women, we carry naturally a huge range of gifts intended to bring balance, harmony, and compassion to the planet and to every situation in which we find ourselves.  If you attended my recent live event, Women as Leaders, Women as Healers, you may remember the conversation we had about those gifts and how bringing them, without apology, to the world changes everything, and about how holding back (and apologizing for who we are) serves only to keep the planet (and ourselves) stuck in imbalance and scarcity.

 Among all those brilliant and life-enhancing gifts, however, there often lurks a tendency that may masquerade as a gift, but that in reality is simply another way we dishonor ourselves.  That tendency is the willingness to settle, to accept less than we deserve and are capable of, and then to tell ourselves that we should be thankful for all the “less-than” things in our lives and we shouldn’t want more.

This, my dear friends, is what I think of (with great respect of course) as a crock. Read More…

We’re only 10 days away from Women as Leaders, Women as Healers: find your power, change the world , October 15 and 16, in Denver, CO.  We’ve got a packed lineup of speakers and classes, and a boatload of inspiration for stepping fully and firmly into the power, wisdom, and awareness that make you an Agent of Sacred Change in the world.

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Recently, while watching a SpongeBob Squarepants episode with one of my grandchildren, I had a sudden, almost mystical experience.
Well, maybe not mystical; but an interesting experience of the interconnectedness
of things, and the eternal nature of truth. Read More…

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Nobel Peace Prize winner Betty Williams

I’ve just received a statement from Betty Williams, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her work with women and children.  Her statement, relevant to our upcoming event, Women as Leaders, Women as Healers, focuses on women as a force for both peace and transformation.  I’ll be sharing her statement at the event in Denver on October 15 and 16. Read More…

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Living Large and Reaping the Rewards

For women who have learned to feel small and to create small results and smaller money than they deserve, Women as Leaders, Women as Healers, a 2-day event for women who want to move into a much larger purpose and a lot more money, will be life-changing.  Check it out at

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What You Think of Me is None of My Business

I got a call from a woman who wanted help getting clear about purpose and direction.  She’d been all over the map, trying this and that, getting and acting on opinions from largely well-meaning friends and relatives, and seemed no closer to the clarity she wanted than she had been before all the opinions and free advice had been offered.  This woman was suffering from some kind of psychic motion sickness from all the bouncing around she’d been doing, and what I marveled at was that all the trial and error stuff she’d been doing was external in its focus with little or no internal exploration which, when done well, could have saved her a whole lot of emotional wear-and-tear.  She had put herself at the mercy of what others think, and it had become a scary and dangerous roller coaster ride. Read More…

Recently someone who had learned about my upcoming event Women as Leaders, Women as Healers contacted me to ask why I was focused on bringing back the matriarchy.  “What?” I asked with great incredulity; “That’s not what I’m doing”.  “Then why do you refer to women as leaders?”  was her snappy comeback.  Attributing her misplaced concern to possible membership in some fundamentalist movement based on fear and paranoia, I moved on. Read More…

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Overwhelmed? Even the Lone Ranger had Help

Recently I talked about the dangers inherent in getting stuck in a story that keeps
us on a kind of emotional, psychic, and even financial hamster wheel –
repeating the same sad, angry, or hopeless tale ad infinitum instead of
breaking the cycle by taking effective action.

Well, I’ve just come face-to-face with another aspect of The Story that can function
like fly paper to the soul – keeping us stuck and flailing, lots of activity
but going pretty much nowhere.  Here’s what I mean – I learned early in life to handle everything myself.  I learned that I shouldn’t expect support, that it was unlikely that anyone would be willing to help me unless I could come up with large amounts of cash in advance, that my needs, both personal and professional, were of little or no importance to anyone else and that I had to be willing and able to do it all by myself.

Read More…

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